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Heavy duty Starter motor and accessories;

Gas Engine starter:


 High power & reliable

● Easy to use

● For airplanes, cars, boats & helicopters.

● High torque output: 6:1 gear reducer, increase the starting torque about 6 times.

● The electric motor originally designed for 110CC motorcycle was used for this starter, which have a much longer life and more durable compare to the most of starters currently used for RC application.

● Carbon Fiber structure, make it lighter, the total weight is only 1.45k.

● Two touch buttons, make it convenient to use in vary directions.

New Mayatech high quality starter with splined cone.


One Available.

One Available.

Starter small starter cone.


Rubber small.


Rubber large.


Small alloy cone.

One available 

Large alloy cone.

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