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  • Customer Photo's

Customer Roy, Scratch  built Covid-19 stick, RCGF 30cc Twin. 

RCGF 30cc Twin Stinger

Components 0f 20cc Twin Stinger engine;

 Stick, 20cc Stinger.

Scratched built Stick 30cc Twin Stinger.

My new MSX-R 70cc Twin Stinger fitted.

New 40cc Twin Stinger fitter to Great planes Stick.

Another happy customer;

Happy customer, fitted with new Stinger engines;

My Refurbished 40 year old Stick 2.6 meter fitted with an RCGF 50cc Twin.

Another very happy customer, Vic.

RCGF 21cc Twin.

Happy Customer, RCGF 20cc BM fitted.

Very nice model.

Phoenix Tigre 60 15cc BM and Cub fitted with 10cc RE

Simon from SEMAC club.

Rob from WA, B36 fitted with 6 10cc RE engines. Great job Rob

My DC-3 one Engine out, landed safely. Ignition switch failed just after take off.

RCGF 40cc TS with headers from Valley View RC.

Customer Peter G.

P26 Peashooter, RCGF 26cc BM. Wots Wot XL biplane, RCGF 30cc Twin.

Thanks for the pictures Peter;

My Scratched built Stick RCGF 40cc Twin with new headers and cans;

My SF Models Super Stick, RCGF 21cc Twin Engine, wing span 1810mm.

Customer Ross B from Vic;

Ross's Glider Tug fitted with an RCGF 120cc Twin.

Customer, Peter A.

Hanger-9 Rv-4, RCGF 40cc TS Twin nicley fitted with custom made cover... 

Great looking Model: Thanks Keith Q.

RCGF 40cc TS Twin.

Peter from Victoria, very nice Hanger-9 RV-4 fitted with the new conpact 40cc TS twin...

My Phoenix Tiger .60. Rcgf 21cc Twin...

Rcgf 10cc RE.

Customer Tim, Rcgf 21cc Twin, Seagull 


RCGF 30cc Twin;

Pilot Edge 540, 60cc single.

Canister and header 15cc to 26cc.

Classic Trainer, RCGF 10cc with walbro type carby.

Rcgf 21cc Twin.

RCGF 21cc Twin. Seagull Buker BU-133 Jungmeister.

My Esm Robin 2160, Rcgf 50cc Twin...

Laser 200, RCGF 55cc.

Rcgf 50cc Twin fitted to an ESM Robin 2160.

Owner Dale from S.E.M.A.C

Scratch built own designe fitted with RCGF 20cc SBM engine.

Stick fitted with a 26cc BM RCGF Engine. Owner Reg S.E.M.A.C.

Boomerang 40 with the new RCGF 10cc

My scratch built model fitted with another RCGF 40cc Twin

My RCGF 40cc Twin with a 6Star spinner fitted.

RCGF 60cc Twin fitted to an MXS-R.

Owner Jake from S.E.M.A.C Vic. 

My ESM DC-3 Photo's By Justin C SEMAC Club

Cap 232 fitted with a RCGF 20cc SBM engine, Owner Dale from S.E.M.A.C Vic.

My latest model an ESM Robin 2160 RCGF 50cc

30cc Slipstream Sbach fitted with a 40cc Twin, Vic South Africa...

Seagull Cassutt 3M racer powered by the RCGF 26cc BM engine .Wing 1650 , Length 1798 , Weight 6.3 Kg. Prop - APC 17 x 8 . Owner Peter G.

Drastick RCGF 15cc CNC Engine, 15 x 8 prop.

My new Austars ESM DC-3, Fitted with two 20cc SBM RCGF Engines...

VQ stick fitted with RCGF 40cc Twin engine.

Extra 300 55cc RCGF. Greg H SEMAC.

RCGF !5cc Spacewalker. 1580mm wingspan, no led required to ballance...

My Giank Stick RCGF 40cc Twin... Photo by Peter Hamilton SEMAC Vic

Happy customer Shane from Victoria Australia 40cc Twin in a Jak 54.

Happy customer John Bowden's 40cc Twin Beaver from Tasmania... Well done John.

RCGF 15cc Fitted to H9 40 size Piper Pawnee.

RCGF 15cc Piper Fitted to H9 40 size Piper Pawnee fly by.

RCGF 15cc Fitted to 63" Pilatus porter PC6.

RCGF 40cc Twin fitted to Scratch Built Giant Stick... This is one of my personal models; See it fly at SEMAC Vic.

RCGF 40CC Twin fitted to a 28% Edge 540... This is one of my personal models, See it fly at SEMAC Vic.

15cc Beam mount fitted to a Piper Pacer. Customer John Waters WA... A very neat installation.

15cc Beam mount fitted to a Piper Pawnee. Customer John Waters WA...

15cc Beam mount fitted to a Sportsman Victa Airtourer.

Customer e-mail;

G’day Mario Yes they are a better motor than the cnc mount, they are a lot smother running motor no vibration through the full throttle range I am very pleased with them if any one wants my opinion on these great motors don’t hesitate to let them contact me I sure will give them the good oil on them keep in contact regards John Waters WA.

Customer Derril from Tasmania, 26cc Pilatus...

Customer Peter from Qld with his Ecom RC Piper PA - 25 Pawnee. Wing 2449 mm / length 1694 mm , 6.2 Kg. Engine RCGF 26 cc BM. A very neat installation, well done Peter...  

1910 Henri Farman

Fitted with a 30cc RCGF Stinger Twin. 

Builder Neil Low. 1.8 meter wing span.

Customer Kev from WA

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