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RCEXL Engine Kill Switch;
This is a MUST HAVE for any gas/petrol  powered plane. This device will allow you to safely and remotely shut-down your electronic ignition equipped engine from your transmitter. A spare receiver channel is needed to use this switch.  A remote mountable led is included to indicate ignition arming status.
RCEXL Tachometer. 

Will only work on RCEXL Ignition unit not the RCGF Ignition unit. 

RCEXL Tachometer
RCEXL Tacho for RCEXL IOgnition unit only
Price: $18.50

RCEXL Engine Kill Switch.
Product Information: Ignition Kill Switch manufactured by RCEXL Ver 2·Optically Isolated circuit· Will kill engine on loss of radio signal or receiver power. Plugs into spare RX channel (ie gear channel or similar)· Remote bright LED with Bezel to show when ignition is ON. Reverse Polarity Protection· Surface Mount Components· New version works with Futaba 14 Channel Low Volt Receivers· Weight = 11 Gram
Price: $21.50

Spark plug wrench 1/4 32 plug
Spark plug wrench for 14/32 plug.
Price: $14.30



Wrench CM6 plug 10mm
Wrench for CM6 plug
Price: $8.50

ME-8 14/32 plug
ME-8 1/4 32 replacement plug for 10cc
Price: $15.90
RCEXL ICM6 Plug 10mm
ICM6 Iridium spark plug for better spark and longer life,by RCEXL.
Price: $14.50
RCEXL CM-6 10mm plug
CM-6 10mm plug RCEXL
Price: $13.50
 Available. On Sale.
Plug Adapter 14mm to 10mm
Rcexl 14mm to 10mm spark plug (NGK CM-6 Plug) bushing adapters(Copper)
Price: $4.50
Plug adapter 10mm to 1/4-32
RCEXL 10mm to 1/4 - 32
Price: $9.50


Ignition Hall Sensor /. small
replacement hall sensor small
Price: $9.50


Ignition Hall sensor/ Large
Replacement hall sensor
Price: $10.00

Single 1/4 32 90 degree cap 6v to 14.4V

RCEXL 1/4 32 90 Degree ig unit 6v to 14.4 V
Ignition unit 6v t0 14.4v 1/14 32 ME-8 plug 90 degree
Price: $75.50

Single 1/4 32  angled cap. 6 to 14.4V 
RCEXL 6v to 14.4 v 1/4 32 Angled cap
Ignition unit 6v t0 14.4v 1/14 32 ME-8 plug angeled cap
Price: $75.50
Twin CM-6 plug 6v to 14.4v.
RCEXL CDI Ignition unit.Twin cm/6 plug.
Fits Twin cyclinder with 10mm CM-6 Plug. 6v to 14.4v
Price: $75.50

Sold out.

Single CM-6 plug 90 Degree.6v to 14.4v.

RCGF RCEXL ignition unit 6 to 14.4v single CM-6 plug
ignition unit CM-6 plug
Price: $75.50

Single CM-6 plug angled plug. 6v to 14.4v.
RCGF RCEXL ignition unit CM6 single Angled
Angled plug Single CM6 plug
Price: $75.50


Twin 1/4 32 plug. 6v to 14.4v.

RCGF / RCEXL ignition unit Twin 1/4-32 plug
RCEXL Ign unit Twin 1/4-32 plug
Price: $75.50

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